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Activity Holiday and Education Centre

Our Activity Holiday and Education Centre in Wales offers action-packed programmes; providing all our guests with individual care and attention, the companionship of other dogs and humans and a fun and varied daily routine with a strong emphasis on teaching and exercise.

The result is a hugely enjoyable experience for our guests and the reassurance for you that your dog will never be bored or lonely.

They will return home fitter, healthier and better behaved.

Activity Holidays

A routine to rival any retreat with exercise programmes to suit all ages, sizes and temperaments.

All canine guests are taken on exciting off-lead group walks 3-4 times a day, including last thing at night.

Daily individual play sessions are coupled with fun rounds on the assault course of tunnels, A-frames and jumps. Our dedicated team also practice controlled retrieve, tugging, football, Frisbee and catch games with all our guests.

Whilst consistently reinforcing immediate response, fast to hand recalls, good manners are maintained around other pets, doorways/gateways, and during greeting and feeding times.

Weight reduction programmes are available and carried out if necessary.

We feed all residents at least twice a day with premium quality dried food, rawhide chews, cows’ ears, beef marrow and knuckle bones as well as our finest Random Rewards training treats and Bedtime Biscuits. We also use a variety of feeding puzzles and all dogs (and humans) drink our own healthy Welsh spring water.

During every stay and on departure, each guest is fully groomed, bathed and given a general health check. Your dog will arrive home with his own goodie bag including a health and behaviour advice report and lots of other useful and delicious treats.

Mark and the team at The Dog House are utterly brilliant. Betty and Arnold adore their holidays and come back healthy, happy and well trained. They often sulk for a week on return!

Mark & Emma Owen

Without extinguishing Milo’s delightfully bouncy and joyful spirit, Mark and team trained him to be a wonderful working dog, adoring yet biddable. Of course they trained us brilliantly too!

Francesca Schwarzenbach

The Dog House is THE perfect place for my dogs; it combines the very best care and professionalism for me and my dogs.

Catherine Lagrange

The Dog House trained my dog and me! They taught me how to communicate and the best way to look after my Labrador Henry, who loves being there. Their new app will help everyone, it’s a must if you are thinking of getting a dog or already have one.

Georgina Townsley

It’s simple really: I wouldn’t leave my dog with anyone else.

Deborah Colella

We have sent 3 puppies to be trained at the Dog House now which has been the difference between enjoying our dogs and dealing with a headache. I would not dream of getting a puppy without being sure that I have help from the Dog House with training.

Jacky Lambert

Lola loves her time at the Dog House and we are really grateful to Mark and his team for looking after her so well for over 8 years.

She skips onto the dog bus with a wagging tail and comes back slim, well behaved and groomed. A wonderful treat for her and peace of mind for us.

Charlotte Moffat

There is no place my dog would rather be – we are so lucky to have found The Dog House. Plato has the best time and we can relax knowing he is in great hands.

Elizabeth Peltz

The only other people in the world I trust to look after Jacob.

Simon Morton

Mark, Gillian and the Dog House family transformed the behaviour of our 2 rescue Jack Russell dogs. Not only have the dogs learnt so much, Mark made sure that we had the right techniques and tools to continue their training.

I wouldn’t send them anywhere else, I know they are looked after like family, stay active and their initial training is always reinforced during their stay.

Lisa Taylor

Our 7 year old dog, Twiggy, first went to the Dog House for a 6 week training course as a puppy and has been holidaying there ever since. Set in a beautiful position within 400 acres of rolling Welsh countryside, The Dog House offers the perfect solution for any dog owner wanting peace of mind whilst they’re away.

Kate Lloyd-York

Mark, Gillian and their team have always been a source of guidance and security regarding George’s education and general care.

Felicity Kendal

Daily Routine

The daily routine for fit, adult dogs includes

Morning run on differing routes over 300 acres (the time of this often varies to other times of the day) 1- 1½hrs
Light Breakfast – often from a feeding puzzle like an activity ball, buster cube or green slow feeder
Training/Play session or a round on the assault course with a trainer 5-20 mins
Midday walk 15-30 mins
Free access to securely fenced parkland for older, very well behaved dogs (weather permitting) 2-3 hrs
Main Meal
Gentle stroll for piddle / poo 15-20 mins
Taken out before lights out, Bedtime Biscuit and bed 10-20 mins

Training Courses

It is our policy to advise owners that it is best to teach their dogs themselves under the guidance of a professional. However, sometimes due to location, facilities, time or expertise, it is not possible for an owner to produce effective results in some problem areas.

For these cases, we offer the following residential training courses where upon completion, it is essential that the handler / carers are taught about easy communication, house rules and how to maintain their dog’s good behaviours.

All the teaching methods used at The Dog House are non-confrontational. We have found success in clear communication, precise timing, motivation by control of toys, games, food and affection combined with the use of desensitization, counter-conditioning,

redirection and some sound or taste aversion techniques. We always reward good behaviours rather than chastising undesirable behaviours.

Dogs, like humans, are not machines and success cannot be guaranteed in all quarters, particularly when a dog has a severe behavioural problem. In that event, referral to one of our recommended behaviourists may be suggested.

All dogs on our training programmes have the benefit of our activity holiday routine. Please note, that every outing is a mini training session. Depending on a number of variances of age of dog, week of course, day of the week etc. there are 1 – 3 dedicated training sessions per day.

The Dog House reserves the right to extend the duration of a training course at any time.

  • Puppy Socialisation
  • General Companion
  • Gun Dog Training
  • Desensitising Courses
  • Refresher Training
  • Bespoke Consultations

Puppy Socialisation

Our puppy socialisation, habituation and early learning course aims to introduce your puppy to a wide variety of new experiences, sounds, sights, other dogs, people, animals, etc. within a controlled and positive environment. We also work on house training, recall, walking on a loose lead, game teaching as well as basic commands of ‘Sit’, ‘Leave’, ‘Basket’ etc.


Minimum of 3 weeks, and a compulsory handover of two half day training session on departure at The Dog House.  It is imperative that all main handlers / carers of the puppy are present at these sessions.

Ideal age of puppy:

Between 10 and 16 weeks old.

General Companion

This training programme is designed to teach adolescent and adult dogs to respond quickly to a selection of commands and eradicate unwanted bad habits.


Minimum 6 weeks (depending on the individual dog) and a compulsory handover of two half day handover sessions with the owner upon completion of the programme at Dinas Farm, Wales. It is imperative that all handlers/carers of the dog are present at these sessions.

Ideal age:

From 6 months old (depending on breed and maturity).

Elements included are:

  • Teaching of 8–12 basic cues so your dog responds to voice, hand and whistle signals. We also try to teach a further 8 – 12 behaviours. A printed guide is also provided as a reference.

  • Teaching of rapid individual response to Recall (coming straight back when called).

  • Discouragement and elimination of pulling on the lead, boisterous behaviour, jumping up, chasing and other behavioural issues.

  • Discouragement and elimination of barking / howling when left alone, sensitivity to loud noises, destructiveness, stealing and other household problems including house training.

  • Sit and stay commands taught and reinforced prior to crossing a road and entering a doorway, car or gateway.

  • Regularly exercised and socialized with a variety of breeds for a minimum of 1 1⁄2 hours each day.

Gun Dog

A foundation of sound behaviour is taught initially (see General Companion)

Teaching of specific gun dog exercises including:

  • Proofing of all ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Stay’, ‘Heel’ etc.

  • Distance control, stop whistle and re-directional cues.

  • A greater ability to cope with frustration.

  • Improving controlled retrieving and hunting.

  • Steady and reliable responses in high distraction environments.

  • All the benefits of our activity holiday routine.


Minimum 8 weeks (depending on the individual dog) and a compulsory handover of two half day handover sessions with the owner upon completion of the programme. It is imperative that all handlers/carers of the dog are present at these sessions.

Ideal age:

From 8 months old (depending on breed and maturity).

Flight Desensitising

Our flight desensitising courses will help your dog fly in a crate in the hold of a commercial plane or in the cabin. We have had great success with these courses. To desensitise a dog we simulate all of the dogs senses that he / she will be exposed to on a flight and by a runway of the small growing intensities, i.e: the smell of activation fuel, the sounds of jet engines (with take off and landing inside and outside of an aircraft) and increasing motion including turbulence, sudden air pocket drops and cabin or in a crate inside the hold visuals.

Please contact us for more details


Minimum 3 weeks

Ideal age:

Over 10 weeks old.


Sound Desensitising

For dogs who are fearful of loud sudden noises such as fireworks and gunshot.

Please contact us for more details


Minimum 3 weeks

Ideal age:

Over 10 weeks old.

Refresher Training

For dogs who have previously completed a General Companion course and are generally well-behaved, but would benefit from more work on specific areas such as recall, retrieving, distance control etc.


From 3 weeks depending on behaviour.

Bespoke Consultations

One-to-one early learning for young puppies and trouble shooting training sessions for owners and their dogs.


First Session minimum of 2 hours, including The Dog House jutebag filled with teaching advisory notes and motivational training aids etc.


At The Dog House or in your own home (Central London and along the M4 corridor, please note additional charges will be incurred if 30 minutes or more from above locations).

Please contact us to discuss suitability.

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