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Mark & Emma Owen

Mark and the team at The Dog House are utterly brilliant. Betty and Arnold adore their holidays and come back healthy, happy and well trained. They often sulk for a week on return!

Francesca Schwarzenbach

Without extinguishing Milo’s delightfully bouncy and joyful spirit, Mark and team trained him to be a wonderful working dog, adoring yet biddable. Of course they trained us brilliantly too!

Catherine Lagrange

The Dog House is THE perfect place for my dogs; it combines the very best care and professionalism for me and my dogs.

Georgina Townsley

The Dog House trained my dog and me! They taught me how to communicate and the best way to look after my Labrador Henry, who loves being there. Their new app will help everyone, it’s a must if you are thinking of getting a dog or already have one.

Jacky Lambert

We have sent 3 puppies to be trained at the Dog House now which has been the difference between enjoying our dogs and dealing with a headache. I would not dream of getting a puppy without being sure that I have help from the Dog House with training.

Charlotte Moffat

Lola loves her time at the Dog House and we are really grateful to Mark and his team for looking after her so well for over 8 years. She skips onto the dog bus with a wagging tail and comes back slim, well behaved and groomed. A wonderful treat for her and peace of mind for

Elizabeth Peltz

There is no place my dog would rather be – we are so lucky to have found The Dog House. Plato has the best time and we can relax knowing he is in great hands.

Lisa Taylor

Mark, Gillian and the Dog House family transformed the behaviour of our 2 rescue Jack Russell dogs. Not only have the dogs learnt so much, Mark made sure that we had the right techniques and tools to continue their training. I wouldn’t send them anywhere else, I know they are looked after like family, stay