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Paws for a Minute: Check Out Our Brand New Dog Blog!

Welcome to The Dog House Blog. We’re here for all your questions and wonderings about dog training, and all aspects of dog care; hints, tips and expert guidance for living life with a happy, healthy dog. At The Dog House we believe a well-trained dog is a happy one, and that a deep bond with

Ruh Roh: Someone’s in The Dog House!

Mucky pup Leo looks like he’s up to his neck in it! If you think your dog can give him a run for his money in the trouble stakes, enter them in our contest over on Instagram. We’re asking our dog owners to post a pic of their pooches up to no good, using #inthedoghouse.

Educating Geoffrey – Tatler

Do I know my name? Of course I do – I am Geoffrey, named after Geoffrey of Monmouth, the famously literary priest who basically invented King Arthur. I may be small in stature, but I am huge in impact. ‘Yappy?’ you ask. YAPPY? I have the bark of an Alsatian on a particularly baritone day.

Can An App Really Tame This Hound?

I couldn’t afford to send a child to Eton but I’m about to send my dog to the canine equivalent. The Dog House is launching a new training app. And the best news of all for those struggling with a boisterous new puppy or plagued by the bad habits of an old family pet, is

Country & Townhouse

Alice B-B visits The Dog House Forty-eight hours at The Dog House in Wales and I could have stayed forever. My friend, Cosima Somerset (founder of Concierge London) was collecting her puppy, so I tagged along too. Started by dog whisperer Mark Thompson and his wife Gillian Quek in 1997, it’s a place for people

Vanity Fair – The A list

What to know We all know a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. But what happens when you’re away for Christmas? And the dog’s not welcome? What to do with the pooch then? How about this… 350 acres of woodland, meadows, lakes and streams in Carmarthenshire, Wales?   Insulated, underfloor heated bedrooms – possibly

How to Spend It – The Financial Times

And for some pets it will come this Christmas, says Katrina Burroughs, with a five star holiday to rival that of their owners. Panting for Christmas in Antigua, but can’t face the soulful stare of the furriest family member as he is packed off to the kennels? We may take the welfare of your dogs