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Spring into Action | The Dog House’s Top 5 UK Dog Walks


The clocks have gone forward. It’s Bank Holiday. Spring is officially on its way. Soon there will be flowers, apple blossom and the trees will be full of newly-grown green leaves. As new life “springs” up around us, now is the perfect time to stick the walking boots on, clip the lead on the dog and experience the new season for ourselves.

Whether it’s a different route around the local park, or putting your dog in the car and heading to the nearest beach for a crisp (read bracing) walk. It’s nice to feel that with the clocks going forward we will have more time to head outdoors and enjoy the day. Gone are the cold, dark nights and with each week that passes we are closer to warmer weather and long sunny evenings.

There are so many beautiful locations around the UK to explore. We are so fortunate to have lush rolling hills, winding sandy beaches and quaint towns at our disposal. All this is made even better with the introduction of purpose-made dog-walking guides compiled from the most enjoyable tried-and-tested walks, as well as dog-friendly, bars, cafes and hotels where our furry friends will be made just as welcome as we are.

Christmas Countdown: Top Tips for a Top Dog Christmas


  It’s officially countdown time. Present shopping, wrapping and food preparation are (hopefully) well underway. Apart from helpfully getting paws tied up in ribbon just as you’re face deep in a crucial sellotape situation, your dog is sure to be buzzing with excitement at the hive of activity. In between the needs of kids, awkward

Things That Go Bang in the Night: How to Calm Your Dog on Fireworks Night


Whizz, pop, bang. Fireworks night is a lot of fun, and something to look forward to on a cold wintery evening. However, if you have super sensitive hearing and no context for what the loud bangs that come out of nowhere mean, fireworks night can be a very scary and stressful time indeed. Read on

Dog Hacks: 5 Handy Feeding Tips & Tricks for Dog Owners


  Simple, yet effective, these Dog Hacks are designed to make feeding and entertaining your dog a doddle. One – Stop! Thief! If your dog is a criminal in cute clothing and employs all his stealthy skills to get his hand on your Sunday roast then try this dog hack. Place a baking tray balanced

A Growing Brood: Top 10 Tips When Getting a New Puppy


  You think you’ve got it all figured out. The house is immaculate, children settled in school, work is on the up and up. But something’s missing. You start to feel a little…well…Proody. Yep, you read that right, you’re Proody. When the want, sorry, need, for a puppy becomes all consuming and you can think

Be Right Back: How to Minimise Separation Anxiety


  We know that back to school time can often be a nerve-wracking time for parents and children. But what about your dog? It’s likely there has been more activity around the house over the summer. Perhaps your dog has spent much more time than usual with you and your family and friends, or has

It’s Not You, It’s Me! When Love Hurts, it’s Time to Train


    With any loved one, there can be issues. They do things that irritate and annoy you. Sometimes it’s just a little niggle, sometimes it feels like something much bigger. And other times, it’s that one teeny, insignificant thing they do that gets on your very. last.nerve! Nobody has a pawfect relationship but, like with human couplings,

Autumn “Leaves”: Seasonal Dangers for Your Dog to Avoid


Reds, golds and purples. The beautiful hues of Autumn leaves. Being enveloped by nature’s charm on your daily walk is just one more bonus of being a dog owner! There are however, changes to the season that can be extremely dangerous for dogs. When you’re out and about this Autumn, be sure your dog “leaves”

Yappy Birthday: How to Make a Dog Birthday Cake


This Summer seemed to be all about the birthdays at The Dog House, with many of our guests treated to a delicious birthday cake to mark their special occasion. If you have that all important day coming up for your special friend, here’s one simple recipe for a dog birthday cake that’s sure to please:   Ingredients 85g

Look Fetching: Top 5 Dog Grooming Tips


If you want to make sure that your pet’s coat not only looks healthy but IS actually healthy, then we have some dog grooming tips to help. Once a week and always after a walk, we suggest the below checklist of what to look for: 1. Skincare – Run your fingers carefully through your dog’s