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It’s Not You, It’s Me! When Love Hurts, it’s Time to Train


Puppy Mouthing Hands
Yowch! Let’s Nip That in the Bud!


With any loved one, there can be issues. They do things that irritate and annoy you. Sometimes it’s just a little niggle, sometimes it feels like something much bigger. And other times, it’s that one teeny, insignificant thing they do that gets on your very. last.nerve!

Nobody has a pawfect relationship but, like with human couplings, your relationship with your dog also needs nurturing and care.

Nipping things in the bud, sooner rather than later, stops resentment building up. Perhaps it’s painful mouthing on your toes, being dragged down the high street at breakneck speed, or jumping up that new cream jumper with huge muddy paws – again!  With a little guidance in that one area however, it doesn’t take long to get you back to feeling loved up again.

If you have a specific issue you’d like to address or simply need some top-up training that fits around your schedule, Mark offers one-to-one training sessions in your home in London and along the M4 Corridor.

If you’d like some relationship advice, email julie@thedoghouseonline.net for availability and pricing.