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The Best Bone Idle UK Breaks The Daily Mail

No more sad weeks in cages waiting for their owners to return, these days, the pooches are more pampered than their parents. And nobody knows more about spending money on her dog than Judith Summers, who has written in the Mail about the extraordinary lifestyle of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, George. Here, she presents

As Featured in The Daily Mail

The place has all the requirements of a top health farm: personal fitness trainers, daily swims, monitored diets and comfortable log chalets with views over rambling fields and streams. But to book in you need to make sure all your vaccinations are up to date……and that you don’t bite. Welcome to Britain’s first health farm

St Francis Of Wandsworth – ES Magazine

Mark Thompson’s career has gone to the dogs – or to be precise, they come to him Natasha Gilmore Mark Thompson, 33, ex-private and corporate event planner, is the best dog handler in London. He manages to keep 16 dogs perfectly still on the steps of Battersea Buddhist Peace Pagoda for a photo shoot lasting

A Rare Breed – Sainsbury’s The Magazine

Becoming a dog trainer was a bit of an accident for Mark Thompson. Mark, who was a freelance events organiser , used to take his own dog, a Springer Spaniel, for a charge around the park every day. Then, last July, a neighbour asked him if he could take her dog along, too, as did

As featured in The Sunday Times

Last week dogs mauled children and learnt to start cars. Reformed dog nut Christa D’Souza explains our national bow-wow obsession. Not a good week for the dog lobby, then. Two Rottweilers maul a baby girl to death. Three days later another one tries to do the same to a toddler boy and doesn’t stop when

As featured in TATLER

‘But Emma Parker Bowles says you’re a dog whisperer’, I plead with Mark Thompson, proprietor of The Dog House. I need a place for Putu, my long legged terrier, and though the canine health farm (they insist it is neither kennel nor doggie hotel) has been booked up for three months, Mark finds a bed

As featured in Open Skies – Emirates Inflight Magazine

Top chef Michel Roux and former UK cabinet minister Robin Cook are among the many clients who are happy to spend £250 a week to board their canine friends at The Dog House. Then again, this is no ordinary kennel. Mark Thompson has always had a way with animals. His mother, father and grandfather had

Mark & Emma Owen

Mark and the team at The Dog House are utterly brilliant. Betty and Arnold adore their holidays and come back healthy, happy and well trained. They often sulk for a week on return!

Francesca Schwarzenbach

Without extinguishing Milo’s delightfully bouncy and joyful spirit, Mark and team trained him to be a wonderful working dog, adoring yet biddable. Of course they trained us brilliantly too!

Catherine Lagrange

The Dog House is THE perfect place for my dogs; it combines the very best care and professionalism for me and my dogs.