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The Welsh dog training school used by celeb chefs, supermodels and millionaire footballers


A tiny village in Carmarthenshire has become a must visit destination for footballers, movie stars, supermodels, Michelin-starred chefs and aristocrats. Difficult to even spot on a map, the village of Talog might not have much to offer at first glance. But that hasn’t stopped some of the world’s richest, most recognisable stars landing helicopters at

Britain’s poshest pooch hotel


By Debora Robertson. As featured in the Daily Mail. We have a weekend routine, my dog Barney and I. We enjoy a trip to the park followed by breakfast in a local cafe. I clip his lead around a table leg to prevent him running into London traffic, or taking off in vocal pursuit of

Educating Geoffrey – Tatler


Do I know my name? Of course I do – I am Geoffrey, named after Geoffrey of Monmouth, the famously literary priest who basically invented King Arthur. I may be small in stature, but I am huge in impact. ‘Yappy?’ you ask. YAPPY? I have the bark of an Alsatian on a particularly baritone day.